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George W. Davis History
American Revolution
Revisit the times of the revolution that preceedede and set the tone for the revolution in Texas, and learn about one of its most interesting historical figures with a connection to the Republic of Texas
Statesman, President, commanding general and friend of George W. Davis. Learn more about this historic and important friendship and working relationship
The long
Trip to Texas
No tale of texas is ncomplete without an account of the Journey to Texas. leaner more about the challenges, triumphs and personal anecdotes of the davis family as they make their way from kentucky to their new home
Image albums
These images change periodically and are meant to supplimet any course of study or casual reading of the events that shaped the Republic and the Land the world knows as Texas. Select from a variety of subcategories in cluded in our growing library. If you have images you would like included, please navigate to our contact page and let us know. Thank You!
Gonzales History

George Washington Davis

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 More Texas Revolutionary History Coming Soon-
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